2008 Organizers

Imogen Binnie, Head Organizer

Imogen works in bookstores, plays in punk bands, and bakes frequently. She grew up in New Jersey, learned to be queer in New York, and then moved to California to work with CUAV. Her e-mail address is imogenocide[at]yahoo[dot]com and her name is not spelled "Imagine."

Jack Radish, Culture Coordinator

This is Jack Radish's third year organizing Camp Trans. He was the CT Coordinator in 2007 and the Programming Coordinator in 2006. This year he is excited to take on the role of Culture Coordinator. Camp Trans has really shaped him into the person he is today and he is excited to be involved in organizing this amazing event again! Jack is 23 years old and lives in Portland, Oregon. He recently graduated from Portland State University and is looking forward to attending cosmetology school soon. You can email Jack at jackson.radish[at]gmail[dot]com

Kolby, Logistics

Kolby is currently a Program Assistant for a non-profit Mental Health agency. He was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN and still lives and loves it there!! Kolby is really excited for this upcoming year of queers in the woods!!! (how much better can it get?!?!?!) This is the fifth year he has been involved with CT and his third year as the Logistics Cordinator. As logistics coordinator, Kolby does the prep work to make sure we have things like port-o-potties, clean drinking water, structures, a permit for the space and all the other logistical things that go into making CT happen. We are looking for folks to volunteer at Camp in this area of logistics, there are many things that happen at CT that you could help including Kitchen, Keeping the space picked up, Set up / Tear down etc.

This will be my last year as an organizer. I have put my heart into everything I have done at camp and I want to thank all the campers for helping create such an amazing space. You all make CT happen, so continue, persevere, and love every minute of it, cuz it is a cherished space by many.

Thanks again for all your Help and Support

P.S. If you are interested in working on logistics for the following year please contact me at [email protected]

Angel, Fundraising

Angel is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Anthropology and Women's Studies, currently living in Madison, Wisconsin. She works as an independent contractor doing software development. She is a polyamorous dyke that loves to learn new things and be involved in the community. Angel is an actress, a rugby player, a welder, a seamstress, an activist, and anything else she wants to be. If you are interested in doing a fundraiser, you can email Angel at angelic.ct[at]gmail[dot]com.

Kat Enyeart, Activism

Born and raised in Portland OR, Kat is a radical feminist dyke who feels boxed in by binaries. Kat's currently studying Sustainable Architecture and Women's studies, but is passionate about many things you can't get a degree for. She is the drummer in an all women indy band,  a streetmedic, and is interested in resisting and replacing hetero-patriarchal white supremacist capitalist culture. This is her first year organizing with CT. Kat can be contacted at katenyeart[at]gmail[dot]com.


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