Workshops and Trainings

A crucial part of our new mission is to empower young queer activists to take on challenges in their own towns and cities, by conducting workshops and training sessions throughout the week at CT. Our goal is to give activists the skills to become new leaders in the community, so that they can bring trans issues to the table in whatever field they are working in -- health care, labor, queer rights, immigration policy. In essence we aim to become a boot camp for trans organizers where participants can learn everything from how to speak to the media to how to coordinate a grassroots campaign.

To accomplish this, we are inviting high profile trans activists and organizers who are involved in various campaigns across the country to lead workshops at CT and impart their experience and knowledge to participants

2011 Workshops

TBD: We will announce a schedule closer to the Camp Trans dates.


Got a workshop idea? Do it!

Camp Trans cordially invites all workshop submissions for Camp Trans 2011.

Every year, Camp Trans has workshops and caucuses on a wide variety of topics and decadent themes throughout the week. Workshops are a great way to share your expertise, non-expertise, knowledge, ridiculous passions, and organized hunches with other attendees. This is how we share our skills and build a beautiful community of communities. Plus they’re fun.

We welcome workshop proposals from people of every identity, on a diversity of topics. This is not a conference, and the workshops and activities we organize at Camp Trans come from people like you (and me and us!) stepping up and offering to design a workshop. (Everyone's a teacher, everyone's a student.) Workshops can be, but do not have to be explicitly trans-oriented.

In the past, we've had workshops on themes that explore prison solidarity, de-colonization, organizing & community building, identities, hormones and surgery, relationships, flirting, tree climbing, really all sorts of DIY skillsharing, (dis)ability activism, artsy crafting, moving to a beat, and clowning around, for example and to name several past themes.

If you have an interest that you are passionate about and would like to share it--that's what we're looking for, non-experts and experts alike. You can structure your proposition as a formal workshop, a group activity, a guided discussion, an informal caucus, or some other format.

We particularly encourage workshops on topics that acknowledge the necessity of solidarity with other oppressed/marginalized peoples, and that tie the struggle for trans liberation in with other struggles.

To propose a workshop, email your proposal to us at [email protected].

Proposals should include:

  • your name and pronoun preference (and those of any co-presenters)
  • your contact info (email and phone)
  • the dates you will be at Camp Trans/preference on when your workshop happens
  • the name of your workshop or caucus
  • a 200 word description of your workshop/caucus including its goal and how it will be structured, duration, whether it will be open to the entire camp population or if it's only for specific population at Camp
  • a 100 word or less bio of each presenter (if you want!)
  • and if if there are specific needs, materials, accomodations, etc. for your workshop.
  • DEADLINE: Midnight on Sunday, JUNE 24th 2011  **Write down the submission deadline**

    If you miss this deadline, we will actually still gladly accept your workshop proposals and see what we can work out. But having your proposals in by Sunday, June 24th 2011 would be the most respectful and most awesome, to ensure that we have enough scheduling time and space.

    In sum, we're looking forward to all of your proposals! If you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at [email protected]. Rye (that's me writing this!) is the workshop coordinator for this year and will be the person scheduling and answering workshop-related emails.

    Also, you can download the flyer here!

    Have a fabulous Spring!


    Rye and the Cat-Herders for Camp Trans 2011

    2011 Camp Schedule

    The activities schedule is not ready to be posted until closer to the event, and is never really complete: plenty of people form groups and plan new workshops early in the week in August.

    Details will appear here as they are finalized.

    2011 Confirmed Performers

    To Be Announced!

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