How you can support us

Artists who wish to perform on Friday and Saturday should contact Imogen at
imogenocide[at]yahoo[dot]com. Those who wish to lead a workshop, organizer training or identity caucus should also contact Jack.

We realize that not everyone who supports Camp Trans can be there in person.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to help in your own town:

  1. Check the Latest News section for updates about specific things we need right now.  If we have a need for someone with specific skills, it will usually be posted here.
  2. Spread the word!  Download our flyers and post in coffee shops, campus bulletin boards, and resource centers, or distribute during fundraisers, house parties, concerts, open mics and conferences.
  3. Organize a fundraiser in your town.  It's not as hard as it sounds, and we have some great ideas to help you out.
  4. Ask your organization to endorse our mission.
  5. Make a monetary donation:  you can either write a check payable to Camp Trans, or donate through Paypal with a credit card, debit card or checking account (even if you don't have a paypal account). 
  6. Make in-kind donations from our wishlist.
  7. If you are attending the festival this year and want to find out how you can support CT, contact Lorrraine at [email protected].
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