Workshops and Trainings

A crucial part of our new mission is to empower young queer activists to take on challenges in their own towns and cities, by conducting workshops and training sessions throughout the week at CT. Our goal is to give activists the skills to become new leaders in the community, so that they can bring trans issues to the table in whatever field they are working in -- health care, labor, queer rights, immigration policy. In essence we aim to become a boot camp for trans organizers where participants can learn everything from how to speak to the media to how to coordinate a grassroots campaign.

To accomplish this, we are inviting high profile trans activists and organizers who are involved in various campaigns across the country to lead workshops at CT and impart their experience and knowledge to participants.

If you would like to lead a workshop, organizer training, or identity caucus, contact Levi at [email protected]

2006 Training and Workshop Schedule

We will announce the schedule and list of speakers once it is finalized.

Confirmed performers