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Hi, I’m Gauge, and I’ll be helping to schedule and coordinate workshops and caucuses for Camp Trans this year. Every year, we have workshops and caucuses on a variety of topics connected to trans issues. Workshops are a great way to share your expertise and knowledge with other attendees, and also are a whole lot of fun. We welcome workshop proposals from people of every identity and on a diversity of topics. In the past, we’ve had workshops on such topics as being a good ally, identity, hormones and surgery, relationships, flirting, organizing, and a wide range of other topics. Workshops and caucuses are generally an hour and a half, and you can structure it as a formal workshop, a group activity, a guided discussion, an informal caucus, or some other format.

To propose a workshop, email me at [email protected] . Let me know that you have a proposal for a workshop or caucus in the subject of the email, and please include your proposal as an attachment. Your proposal should include your name and pronoun preference (and those of any copresenters), your contact info (email and phone), the name of your workshop or caucus, a 200 word description of your workshop/caucus including its goal and how it will be structured, whether it will be open to the entire camp population or limited to a specific population, and a 100 word or less bio of each presenter. Also, if you feel that your workshop or caucus would benefit from having an advocate present, or want or need any other accomodations, please let me know. Please send these proposals by June 7th, so we can have plenty of time to structure a schedule and publicize the workshops we’ll be offering at Camp!

Not sure if you can make Camp? Worried that you’ll get there and suddenly have a brilliant idea for a discussion group or a group activity? Don’t worry! We’re also going to make sure to once again include plenty of room for workshops and caucuses planned right at Camp Trans. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s workshop proposals and helping to make workshops and caucuses rewarding, educational, and fun experiences for everyone interested in presenting and attending.


Hey folks,

I’m in the process of getting volunteers ready for culture this year and i’m still in search of someone to fill the positions of Lead Advocate and Workshop Coordinator.

Lead Advocate would be responsible for putting together the advocate program and organizing all the other advocates.  This is an organizational role and involves getting advocate trainings/meetings together and acting as advocate to organizers and advocates.  there is a lot of room to design whatever program you feel is best but i can also put this person in contact with last year’s lead advocate if you’re interested in recreating/updating the program we had last year.

Workshop Coordinator is responsible for putting together a schedule of workshops for the week and facilitating the scheduling of caucuses.  there has been a lot of talk about scaling down in terms of pre-scheduled workshops this year and focusing on having a few good/important ones instead of trying to have a lot, thus leaving more room for impromptu workshops and such.  but nothing has completely been decided yet.  i have some ideas and some of the other organizers/past organizers have ideas and would be willing to work with you on this.

Both these positions are under the heading of culture and so i will serve as the liason between those positions and the other organizers, therefore anyone applying for these positions should expect to work closely with me

if you are interested in either of these positions or know someone who might be, email me at jackrobinson @ riseup . net and let me know.  i will need you to fill out an application (which i can send to you via email if you are interested in the position).

Looking forward to seeing everyone at camp this summer

Jack Radish, Culture Coordinator