Monthly Archives: March 2011


The purpose of this message is to let you all know about some changes that are going to be happening regarding Camp Trans’ existence. The current organizers are in want/need of community (past and present, or whatever) input to help guide decision making and organizing process!

In sum, hands down, we ARE going to take a step back from our focus on MichFest this year. Instead, this year we’d like to put our energy fully into reviving the beautiful, celebratory, demanding, and decadent trans & allied community that Camp Trans was always meant to be, in and of its own. This re-focusing has been a long time coming, and after Camp this past year, we have determined that now seems to be the ripest time for this needed re-focusing, (wherever that may lead us).

So if you have ANY interest in contributing your input to our decision making re: where our future Camp Trans goes, what we become, what we don’t become, or anything else you have interest in contributing, please please please visit the forum on the website and participate in that conversation! More details explaining things are both on that forum, and forthcoming.

To get to the forum, go to:

  • “Community Forums” (on left sidebar)
  • Log In or Register to be able to see the approps forum
  • The discussion is posted under Camp Trans 2011, Organizing.
  • Have fun discussing/posting your hearts/opinions out!

Otherwise, I hope that you all are good and shaking things up wherever you go (or whatever you want to be doing). And thanks for giving your input-it’s very much appreciated.