What is the number one thing a thinking dyke can do to broaden her political and social conscience? Get yer ass to Camp Trans, a fiercely engaged and deliriously celebratory protest…
- Michelle Tea

Camp Trans Confronts Transphobia at Michigan Women’s Music Festival:  Out in the Mountains:  Vermont’s Voice for LGBT issues 

The other women’s festival - Camp Trans:  Between The Lines Newspaper, From issue number 1431 Originally printed 8/3/2006, By Dawn Wolfe Gutterman

Michigan Or Bust: CampTrans Flourishes for Another Year:   San Francisco Bay Times, CA, TransNation. Published: August 3, 2006.  By Jacob Anderson-Minshall.

Camp Trans enters 14th year:  Bay Windows:  New Englands Largest LGBT Newspaper, Issue Date: 6/29/2006, Posted On: 6/29/2006, by Caroline Perry

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s WCBN.  Closets are for Clothes.  7/12/2006.  Listen to Lorraine and Bryn as they talk about Camp Trans.


Camp Trans 2005, on OutFM, a program of WBAI New York Cityaired 8/1/05.
Miranda Balkin interviews Camp Trans organizer Lauren Steely on the organization’s new plans for 2005.

Gathering of Tribes, by Eli seMbessakwini.  Lesbians on the Loose, July 2005.

Indie Punk Rock, Gender Politics, and the Bitch of Being Earnest, by Susan Glen. PopMatters, April 20, 2005.
Amy Ray talks about her solo album, running her own label, activism, and the challenges of public speaking. [and talks about her stance on the WBW policy!]

The women outside Michigan, by Michelle Tea. On Our Backs, Fall 2004.
Camp Trans organizer on MWMF, trans women’s rights, and sexual healing.

Camp Trans plans protest of festival policy, by Sarah Mieras. Between the Lines Newspaper, July 28, 2004.

Transmissions from Camp Trans, by Michelle Tea. The Believer, November 2003.
The transgender revolution has yet to win over the people you’d imagine would be its most open-minded supporters: the organizers of — and many participants in — a utopian womyn’s music festival.

Michigan: Two camps face off over gender inclusion, by R.J. Grubb. Bay Windows, August 28, 2003.
Controversy shadows music festival while hopefuls work to change from inside.

A Fest in Distress (roundtable discussion feat. R. Finkelstein and E. Koyama). Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, Summer 2002.

Trouble in Utopia, by Tristan Taormino. The Village Voice, September 13, 2000.

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