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Ready for camp?

Camp Trans 2011 is July 24 - 31!

Need directions or airport/bus pickups? Email us at [email protected]. The sooner the better as we will have limited access to email once camp starts.

Need a ride or have room to spare in your car? Go to the ride boards in the community forums(If you’ve signed up for the forum to post on the ride board and are having trouble getting access, email us and I’ll get your account approved right away.)

If you can, please come on Saturday and help us setup! We’re expecting fewer people this year so every hand really helps.


The purpose of this message is to let you all know about some changes that are going to be happening regarding Camp Trans’ existence. The current organizers are in want/need of community (past and present, or whatever) input to help guide decision making and organizing process!

In sum, hands down, we ARE going to take a step back from our focus on MichFest this year. Instead, this year we’d like to put our energy fully into reviving the beautiful, celebratory, demanding, and decadent trans & allied community that Camp Trans was always meant to be, in and of its own. This re-focusing has been a long time coming, and after Camp this past year, we have determined that now seems to be the ripest time for this needed re-focusing, (wherever that may lead us).

So if you have ANY interest in contributing your input to our decision making re: where our future Camp Trans goes, what we become, what we don’t become, or anything else you have interest in contributing, please please please visit the forum on the website and participate in that conversation! More details explaining things are both on that forum, and forthcoming.

To get to the forum, go to:

  • “Community Forums” (on left sidebar)
  • Log In or Register to be able to see the approps forum
  • The discussion is posted under Camp Trans 2011, Organizing.
  • Have fun discussing/posting your hearts/opinions out!

Otherwise, I hope that you all are good and shaking things up wherever you go (or whatever you want to be doing). And thanks for giving your input-it’s very much appreciated.


The dates and times are subject to change, and more events may be added throughout the week. Here’s what we have right now!

Monday, August 3: Walking the line at MWMF 9:00AM-???

Tuesday, August 4: Trans Male Spectrum Caucus 11:00AM-12:30PM; Trans Female Spectrum Caucus 2:00-3:30PM; Partner Abuse in the Trans Community Workshop 5:00-6:30PM

Wednesday, August 5: Vigil at the old Camp Trans site 10:00AM-12:00PM; Genderqueer Caucus 2:00-3:30PM; BDSM As Bio-Political Resistance (Heather) 2:00-3:30PM; The “I Feel Alienated” Caucus 5:00-6:30PM

Thursday, August 6: Future of Camp Trans Organizers + Future Organizers Workshop 11:00AM-12:30PM; Healing Emotional Trauma & Emotional First Aid Workshop (Gauge) 2:00-3:30PM or longer as needed; Prison Abolition and Trans Liberation Workshop 2:00-3:30PM; Radical Church (non-religious, non-dogmatic, non-new-age spirituality as a tool for dismantling patriarchy and culture) 5:00-6:30PM

Friday, August 7: Rope Bondage Workshop (Heather) 2:00-3:30PM


Email [email protected] no later than Friday, July 31 to ensure that you receive the map and directions before Camp Trans organizers depart for Camp (where we don’t have reliable internet access all the time).

If you need a ride from the airport, bus station, or towns near Camp Trans, please also try to email [email protected] with your estimated date, time & address of arrival, number of travelers, phone number, and any accommodations needed, and post to thediscussion forum.

We will do our best to accommodate requests all week for last-minute travelers, but we will only be able to get online when we make trips into town.


Thursday, August 6: Diana Vashti (8:00-8:15), Rebekah Miller (8:30-8:45), Gauge (9:00-9:30), Red (9:45-10:15), Open Mic (10:30-Whenever)

Friday, August 7: Twilight of the Idle (8:00-8:45), Nicky Click (9:00-9:45), Screamclub(10:00-10:45), Madison (Post-Show in the woods)

Saturday, August 8: Solo (8:00-8:45), Barton Stink (9:00-9:45), Dallas/Marie (10:00-10:45), Car Stereo Dance Party (11:00-Whenever)


Hey folks,

I’m in the process of getting volunteers ready for culture this year and i’m still in search of someone to fill the positions of Lead Advocate and Workshop Coordinator.

Lead Advocate would be responsible for putting together the advocate program and organizing all the other advocates.  This is an organizational role and involves getting advocate trainings/meetings together and acting as advocate to organizers and advocates.  there is a lot of room to design whatever program you feel is best but i can also put this person in contact with last year’s lead advocate if you’re interested in recreating/updating the program we had last year.

Workshop Coordinator is responsible for putting together a schedule of workshops for the week and facilitating the scheduling of caucuses.  there has been a lot of talk about scaling down in terms of pre-scheduled workshops this year and focusing on having a few good/important ones instead of trying to have a lot, thus leaving more room for impromptu workshops and such.  but nothing has completely been decided yet.  i have some ideas and some of the other organizers/past organizers have ideas and would be willing to work with you on this.

Both these positions are under the heading of culture and so i will serve as the liason between those positions and the other organizers, therefore anyone applying for these positions should expect to work closely with me

if you are interested in either of these positions or know someone who might be, email me at jackrobinson @ riseup . net and let me know.  i will need you to fill out an application (which i can send to you via email if you are interested in the position).

Looking forward to seeing everyone at camp this summer

Jack Radish, Culture Coordinator

Directions to Camp!

Hey folks,

its getting to be that time when most of us going to camp trans this summer are trying to finalise the last details of our travel plans and start to head off toward camp- we’re getting more requests for directions to camp every day and that’s great.  i wanted to remind folks though that we do not post directions to camp anywhere on the internet (for the saftey and security of CT campers as well as the festies at MWMF) and the only ways to get them are to ask a friend who has directions or to email us at [email protected]!  i know from personal experience that it sucks to realize the day i’m supposed to leave for camp that i never got directions and hoping hoping hoping that someone’s still around to check their email and send out a copy of the directions!  [email protected] redirects to my email address and i plan on checking my email for the last time before going off into the woods on friday early morning.  i’ll do my best to get someone to check my email for me once or twice while i’m gone and maybe even post the email address of someone else who will have internet access all week to volenteer to send off directions to folks getting them at the last minute but i’m not making any promises except that i’ll do my best!!!  the moral of the story being, if you need directions, please email and ask for them asap!!!

looking forward to meeting all of you next week at camp!!!

<3 jack radish

The Activity Grid Arrives!

Hey all, I know we’ve been silent a bit for technical difficulties (as you can see, we’re even having problems changing the name of the site to be more relavent to the 2007 event), but we wanted you to know we’re still here, and CT07 is still going to happen from Sunday, August 5th to Sunday, August 12th.  As such, here’s the tentative plan of events, with more to come!  All times approximate, clearly, as time moves differently when you’re at CT.

 Sunday, August 5th

till 1:00:  Structure Set-Up

3:00-5:00:  Advocate Training #1 with Ali Blue

Monday, August 6th

9:00-12:00:  Walking the MWMF line, to promote respect and Trans-Feminist Unity

5:00-7:00:  Introductory Camp Fire

Tuesday, August 7th

3:00-4:30:  DIY Caucus Time

5:00-6:30:  Health and Safety Training Workshop

Wednesday, August 8th

1:30-3:00:  Social times!  Group Lake Trip, or Reasonable Facsimile

3:00-4:30:  Queer Gamers Unite! with Lina

5:00-6:30:  Flirting Workshop with Jack

8:30-Late:  Open Mic/Karaoke Night

Thursday, August 9th

1:30-3:00:  Medical Advocacy with Micah, or Genderqueer? with Kai

3:00-4:30:  Advocate Training #2 with Ali Blue

5:00-6:30:  Transwomen and Doin’ It with Imi

7:00-8:00:  Future of CT Development Meeting

8:30-Late:  Show Night!  Some Awesome Performers Yet to be Finalized!

Friday, August 10th

12:00-1:00:  Meet and Greet Game

1:30-3:00:  Racism and Activism with Sailor

3:00-4:30:  Allies Workshop with Ariel

5:00-6:30:  Trannyfag Caucus with Al, Transwomen Caucus with Lina and Imogen

7:00-8:00:  Future of CT Candidate Meet and Greet

8:00-8:30:  Votes Cast for CT2008 Organizer Positions

9:00-Late:  Show Night!  Some Awesome Performers Yet to be Finalized!

Saturday, August 11th

1:30-3:00:  Trans and Cis Relationships Workshop with Caitlyn and Ariel

3:00-4:30:  Queer Scientists Caucus with Sean

5:00-6:30:  Radical Masculinities Workshop with Gauge and Fender

7:00-9:00:  Rally for the Future of CT!  Meet Your Elected CT2008 Organizers!

9:00-Late:  Show!  Some Awesome Performers Yet to be Finalized!

Sunday, August 12th


And that’s not even taking into account the Daily New Camper Check-Ins with Imogen in the Welcome Tent at noon, Or the Daily Advocate meetings after Lunch with Ali Blue for those who want to be a part of making CT a safer space, or the Nightly Community Meetings during the second half of each dinner.  Plus!  DIY caucus times, dotted all over the map.

As organizers, we’ve done what we could this year to make sure that there’s a lot to do, but the best part of CT is, well, you.  So come on this year!  Bring your own charm to these events.  Fill our program holes with what you want to see, or just come and spend a week in a special space and duck all the programming.  Here at CT, it’s all about having choice, and having your choices valued as much as we possibly can.