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Jessica Sideways

April 25, 2013

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Hello, I just finished importing a lot of content manually using previously archived versions of the Camp Trans website in the Internet Archive. I’ve imported as much of the “news” on the Camp Trans website as I could access but I couldn’t access anything past that date. If you have any information, materials or stuff you want to contribute to the site, please mention it in the forums. :)

Site Up, Still Working on it, though

Update: The site is pretty much up and running, the forum is set up and I think everything is working fine. If not, please comment on this post and let me know.

Update: Currently importing old news posts from the old website into a format that can be archived/displayed here. I should have that done by the end of the day.

Hey there. So yeah, I just installed the WordPress software on the site and I am working on bringing content from the old site into the new site. I am doing this through a copy archived on the Internet Archive. I hope to have this done by tonight. :)

Support Musicians That Are Jumping the Michfest Ship

Hello Community,

I am so happy about the outpouring of support from these musicians who are choosing to stand on the right side of history, either standing against the festival and vowing never to play again or pulling out of the festival altogether. I want to make it clear that these people deserve our support, our attention and our thanks.

Now, you might be asking me, why should we thank people for doing the right thing? Shouldn’t people do this already? Well, yes, people should do the right thing without prompting or positive reinforcement. But the fact of the matter is that not enough people know that this is the right thing to do, so a little positive reinforcement goes a long way. In a world where trans* people are disowned by family, harassed when they transact business around town and even killed - a little positive reinforcement when people get it right goes a long way.

Because of the actions of Andrea Gibson and Sick of Sarah, I am very interested in their music and I have deepened my fandom of the Indigo Girls and their music. Conversely, because of the lukewarm words of Jill Sobule, her music is starting to become anathema to me.

So, I urge people to thank these artists, even if you have no interest in their music - just write them a thank you note, telling them that you appreciate what they do. Let them know that we appreciate their actions, because I am certain people will yell loudly about how these musicians are “betraying” their bigotry.