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Directions to Camp!

Hey folks,

its getting to be that time when most of us going to camp trans this summer are trying to finalise the last details of our travel plans and start to head off toward camp-- we're getting more requests for directions to camp every day and that's great.  i wanted to remind folks though that we do not post directions to camp anywhere on the internet (for the saftey and security of CT campers as well as the festies at MWMF) and the only ways to get them are to ask a friend who has directions or to email us at [email protected]!  i know from personal experience that it sucks to realize the day i'm supposed to leave for camp that i never got directions and hoping hoping hoping that someone's still around to check their email and send out a copy of the directions!  [email protected] redirects to my email address and i plan on checking my email for the last time before going off into the woods on friday early morning.  i'll do my best to get someone to check my email for me once or twice while i'm gone and maybe even post the email address of someone else who will have internet access all week to volenteer to send off directions to folks getting them at the last minute but i'm not making any promises except that i'll do my best!!!  the moral of the story being, if you need directions, please email and ask for them asap!!!

 looking forward to meeting all of you next week at camp!!!

 <3 jack radish

Posted on Sunday, July 29, 2007 at 10:16PM by Dana | Comments Off